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Care Home Recruitment UK Ltd specialises exclusively in the permanent recruitment of support staff and carers into Care Homes and Supported Living Facilities

Because our recruiters specialise in Care Home and Supported Living recruitment they fully understand the hiring challenges that you are experiencing. This knowledge ensures that we are able to provide you with the best candidates that your business needs to support your growth and continuity of service.

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Managed Service / Recruitment Process Outstanding (RPO)
(Recruitment Soulutions for Larger Organisations with Ongoing Requirements)

About Care Home Recruitment UK

In April 2013 the population of the UK officially recorded more citizens of pensionable age than under the age of 18. With older people now living more fulfilled lives for longer this number is set to grow steadily in years to come.

With this increasing number comes the need to support the elderly in their twilight years.

Care Home Recruitment UK does exactly that, providing a high level recruitment service to a growing sector with an ever increasing demand for quality support staff.